Visit to Güray Ceramic Museum and live pottery demonstration (Avanos, Turkey, 9th September 2014)

During the 6th i-Treasures meeting in Cappadocia, Turkey, the members of the consortium visited the underground Güray Ceramic Museum, in Avanos. The Güray Ceramic Museum sits in a mammoth series of newly tunneled out caves. It covers an area of 1,500 square meters and it is 15 meters deep. It displays its collection of ceramic art amassed over the years, with the ancient ceramics hall featuring pieces from as far back as the Chalcolithic era.

The first section of the museum presents the developments in the field of ceramics in Anatolia from the first age to the 20th century, the second section displays pieces by living famous ceramic artists, while an exhibition area is located in the third section. The members of the consortium also visited the Traditional Pottery Workshop and were informed about the different techniques of traditional ceramics. At the end of the visit, a local expert demonstrated his skills in pottery making.