i-Treasures on Digital Single Market Blog

The i-Treasures project uses advanced ICT technologies to capture, analyse and model Intangible Cultural Heritage resources, enable knowledge exchange between researchers and contribute to the transmission of rare know-how from Living Human Treasures to apprentices.

What is i-Treasures about?

i-Treasures is a very special research project. Why? Because it brings together the past and the present, or, to be more specific, two areas which traditionally have rarely gone hand in hand: intangible cultural heritage and advanced modern technologies.

When you hear about 'cultural heritage' you probably first associate it with tangible architectural buildings or other works of art, such as paintings. However, an important part of our cultural heritage is intangible traditions and living expressions inherited from our ancestors. These make up the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), which includes performances, practices, knowledge and skills. There are not many people who have the skills to perform traditional dances or songs. Therefore, if we do not cherish this heritage and pass it on to next generations, these artistic expressions could be lost forever. To this end, the i-Treasures project develops innovative tools for the preservation and transmission of our precious intangible cultural heritage with the help of modern technologies. To demonstrate our technologies, we have selected a wide range of intangible cultural heritage domains, in which the human body is dominant. We focus on the following four ICH categories: singing, dancing, traditional craftsmanship (focusing on pottery), and contemporary music composition.

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