Name WP Nature Delivery Date
D1.1 - Project Management and Quality Assessment Plan (Download) 1 Report M2
D2.1 - First Report on User Requirements Identification and Analysis (Download) 2 Report M6
D2.2 - First report on system specification 2 Report M8
D3.1 - First Report on ICH Capture and Analysis 3 Report M12
D3.2 - First Version of ICH Capture and Analysis Modules 3 Prototype M12
D4.1 - First Version of Multimodal Analysis, Fusion and Semantic Media Interpretation 4 Prototype M20
D5.1 - Report on analysis of educational scenarios (Download) 5 Report M12
D5.2 - First Version of 3D Visualization for Sensorimotor Learning (Download) 5 Prototype M20
D5.3 - First Version of Text to Song Synthesis Module (Download) 5 Prototype M20
D5.4 - First Version of the Integrated Platform (Download) 5 Prototype M22
D7.1 - Assessment Plan (Download) 7 Report M12
D8.1 - i-Treasures Web Site (Download) 8 Other M1
D8.2 - i-Treasures Brochure (Download) 8 Other M4
D8.3 - Plan for the use and dissemination of i-Treasures (Download) 8 Report M6
D8.4 - First Report on Dissemination Activities (Download) 8 Report M12
D8.5 - Second Report on Dissemination Activities (Download) 8 Report M24