Brainswarm performed at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall

During the event: "Contemporary music without codes", which took place at Megaron - The Athens Concert Hall on February 20th 2016,
Brainswarm was performed. Brainswarm is a biomusic composition by Leontios Hadjileontiadis, combining information in real-time from the conductor (both from his/her brain and from his/her movements-gestures) with the sound of natural instruments. In this work, an attempt to simultaneously connect the real with the virtual space is initiated, where each real instrument is mapped to a virtual one, in which 'lives' a swarm. Similarly, the spatial distribution of brain activity by the conductor (as recorded by 14 EEG channels), is assigned to a swarm that guides the behavior of other swarms, placing to them obstructions and/or prays, turning them occasionally, to detectors, predators and dominators in their environment. The work is developed on the axis of the behavior in a symbiosis, in both the real and virtual space, which tends from individuality to social integration, with all the potential consequences of this trajectory.