ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (Deadline: 28/6/2013)

Special Issue on "Interacting with the past"

ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage

CALL FOR PAPERS - Deadline 28th June 2013

Cultural Heritage is a legacy from the past, which we should pass on to current and future generations. Advances in computer graphics allow us to express Cultural Heritage information through 3D digital worlds that have proved to enhance the understanding of sites and objects of the past. Users may enter digital re-creations of places that no longer exist (e.g., Gardens of Babylon), or they can manipulate virtual replicas of ancient objects that are rare and precious.

Recent developments in input and output hardware as well as the introduction of many new and exciting interaction techniques open very interesting perspectives and true opportunities for the Cultural Heritage domain. The goal of this special issue is to collect papers on novel user interfaces and interaction techniques, case studies, perspective applications, and technological and methodological issues related to interaction for Cultural Heritage. Authors are invited to submit papers on original and unpublished research and practical applications related to tangible and intangible heritage, including history, archaeology, art, cultural awareness, natural/environmental heritage. In particular, we call for contributions, including but not limited to the following topics.

  • immersive setups
  • desktop-based interfaces
  • 3D spatial input
  • tangible interaction
  • virtual reality
  • augmented reality
  • on-site installations
  • touch input
  • multimodal and collaborative interfaces
  • perception
  • interaction techniques
  • user studies
  • usability testing and evaluation
  • museums and mediation
  • learning tools

Accepted papers will be published in the ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage. To find more information, please access the

JOCCH website.